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About us:

My legal practice is situated on the edge of two districts of Berlin – Schöneberg and Wilmersdorf, with the border between the two running directly through the office building. The tale of how we got here goes back to 2003, when I started up in Berlin Halensee. Since then we have moved our office across town twice. However, after a short spell in Reinickendorf, which is the former French sector of Berlin, we eventually moved into our current office at Südwestkorso in Berlin Friedenau in 2008.

The short period of having my office in the French district was interesting because I used to live near to the French border during my collateral legal studies of German and French Law at Saarland University and at the Centre Juridique Franco-Allemand (CJFA).

My interest in Latin legal culture and languages has taken me even further beyond the borders – I continued studying law at the University of Salamanca in Spain, which greatly contributed to my professional development.

Upon successful completion of my legal training and passing the second state exam in Berlin, I felt genuinely attached to this city, and decided to open up my office here. Simultaneously, I signed up for the Polish-German Law School (DPRS) at the Humboldt University in Berlin, organised in co-operation with the University of Wrocław in Poland. This branching out into a wholly new area was primarily dictated by the further expansion of the EU to the East, which opened up horizons on the other side of the river Oder.

Right now I am listed as the representative for Poland at the Forum of Young Legal Professionals (FJA) in the German Lawyers’ Association (DAV). Quite apart from that, I am actively involved in the French-German Lawyers’ Association (DFJ e.V.) and used to be a stipendiary member of the International Bar Association (IBA).

I am a qualified attorney with specialist training in tax and inheritance law, who used to work as an advisor for various non-profit organisations. I take pride in my strong intercultural performance, as confirmed by my presence in and extensive contacts with many international institutions, as well as with foreign societies based in Berlin.